How can I avoid getting HIV?

The best ways to prevent HIV...

  1. The best way of preventing HIV is to abstain from or delay sex. If you are an adolescent, make achieving your goals your top priority. It is best to wait until you are older and in a better position to make informed decisions about sex.

For people who choose to have sex, these are the best ways to protect yourself from HIV and other STIs:

  1. Use a latex condom every time you have sex.
  2. Be faithful to one uninfected partner who is also faithful to you.
  3. Do not do drugs or abuse alcohol. These substances make it difficult for you to make smart decisions that can protect you from becoming infected.

Can I tell if someone has HIV?

A person who is infected with HIV does not often show symptoms. There is no way of telling that someone is infected unless you take a HIV test.

Where can I get a HIV test?

You can get a HIV test at any private doctor, health centre or hospital.

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